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“We tested email marketing but were never able to make it work. Our emails didn’t get into the inbox and we were not sure why. The software was expensive and complicated to use. To be honest, we just didn’t have the resources to manage this effectively and gave up. We were introduced to LiftLogic and within days they implemented an email program that has created a meaningful revenue stream for our business. We would highly recommend LiftLogic to anyone looking to monetize their email data.”

- LiftLogic Client: Matt S.



Our client had a steady flow of prospects who would abandon before purchasing but no email strategy to monetize them. The reason? Email is hard to do well without dedicated resources. They tried in the past but were never able to get it to work in a meaningful way. If this sounds familiar you are not alone! See our Dec 30 blog post about what it takes to build a successful email strategy in-house. 



Our client was referred to LiftLogic and contacted us to setup a free consultation. The next day we evaluated their metrics and determined that there was an opportunity to create a meaningful revenue stream. We proposed a comprehensive email strategy to monetize their data including: creative design, CAN SPAM / CASL / GDPR compliance, delivery monitoring, measurement, attribution and more. We signed the agreement and went live that week.  

Actual Client Results:

Straight Sale Offer:  1/1/2018-2/27/2018

Total partials sent: 5328

Unique Opens % of volume:  33%

Unique Clicks % of volume:  10.9%

Total Revenue: $15004.69

Effective VPR: $2.82

True EPC:  $25.91

Incremental Monthly Revenue: $7,500

Trial Offer: 1/1/2018-2/27/2018

Total Partials Sent: 33474

Unique Opens % of volume:  35.59%

Unique Clicks % of volume:  12.3%

Total Revenue: $67,720

Effective VPR:  $2.02

True EPC:  $16.44

Incremental Monthly Revenue: $33,860

Let’s Talk:

If you are a straight sale or trial advertiser contact us to see how much revenue an email strategy can add to your bottom line. Our fees are performance based, no set up costs to join, ever. 


BUILD VS OUTSOURCE: What it takes to build an effective Email Marketing strategy in-house:

Did you know that an email re marketing strategy can result in 5-10%+ lift in sales revenue? The following are some of the functional areas your team will need to master if you want to build email in-house. In this blog we will dive deeper into each of these areas as well as other topics related to first party email strategy. 



Your email operations personnel are responsible for day to day email delivery, campaign management and optimization. They need a deep understanding of sending concepts as well as experience and relationships with the leading ESPs. Depending on their technical and design skills an internal email team can range from 1-4+ FTEs and utilize a number of subscription based software solutions.



It is critical to keep up to date with the latest updates to CAN SPAM + CASL compliance. We cannot stress this enough as failure to do so can cause up  $40,654 per message in violation (  You should perform routine audits of your sends and infrastructure to ensure you are compliant.  For example, you must unsubscribe customers within 10 business days of them notifying you. Requests can come from regular postal mail, a reply to the email you sent or a click on the unsubscribe link.  You need to make sure that this process is bulletproof or you could be in violation.



Your team should be able to code and  build email templates that render well on Mobile as well as desktop. Emails tend to render differently depending on what device it’s being viewed on (iPhone, android, desktop browser) as well as by the email service (Yahoo renders different from Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, etc.) Email copy / messaging can drastically impact deliverability and engagement. An understanding of the nuances by domain is important to ensure that things are designed properly and perform well across all emails. 



Poor delivery rates will drastically impact the performance of any email campaign. An understanding of the factors that cause emails to not get delivered into the inbox as well as the ability to troubleshoot those issues, take corrective measures, and develop a strategy to sustain delivery is crucial for any email team. Factors that impact Yahoo delivery are different than those that impact Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, etc. These issues can also impact the reputation of your domain. At Liftlogic we constantly monitor delivery rates and test multiple factors across major domains to isolate and troubleshoot delivery issues. 



You must measure campaigns against KPIs, maintain a comprehensive suppression data / unsubscribe process and respond to customer service issues.  Engagement (opens, clicks, unsubscribes, complaints) is a key indicator of how well your Email program is doing.  Are your consumers opening / clicking or are they unsubscribing / complaining? Measure these and other KPIs to ensure your campaigns are performing.



It’s important to understand the various types of campaigns to run, when to run them and how to segment the various data sets.  It is also important to synchronize campaigns across various cohorts, other media channels and other monetization strategies including call center and SMS. Failure to do so can cause a degradation in performance across all of these areas.



At Liftlogic our goal is to help you win at email. As your outsourced email department we will build and manage a best in class email strategy. We can have you up and running within 48 hours and our fees are 100% CPA based. Email to set up a consultation today!